It's a New Day - 91做厙 Community College Strategic Direction

It's a new day at 91做厙 Community College, because we're building a more diverse and inclusive future that better serves the unique needs of all students, faculty and staff. There's work to be done, and we will accomplish it by investing in our own people, attracting the best talent, and creating a culture of belonging and respect that empowers learning and unlocks social and economic mobility for the region. It's a new day at 91做厙, because we're all on the same team - and, the future of this team belongs to, and depends on, everyone.

The launch of 91做厙' strategic planning process coincided with the grip on our nation of COVID 19 and racial reckoning; by manifold measures, it was a new day for Richmond, and the result of our work intentionally reflects this.

First, our plan is aligned with Opportunity 2027, the new strategic plan of the Virginia Community College System and its goal for Virginia Community Colleges to "achieve equity in access, learning outcomes, and success for students from every race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic group." This is our mandate at its most fundamental: to significantly close equity gaps in educational outcomes and increase the number of students who complete a high quality degree or credential. What do we mean by high quality? Employers must see we are producing graduates they want to hire. Universities must be confident our courses are aligned with their curriculum and contain the content that prepares our students to be successful. Students will have their credits accepted toward junior status and graduates will find employment and rewarding careers.

Second, the lessons of 2020 demand institutions be more agile than ever before, leading to the creation of a three year strategic direction entitled 91做厙: It's a New Day, which provides a framework for 91做厙 to advance equitable outcomes for students and our community and the flexibility to pivot on how to achieve them.

Our responsibility as stewards of public resources requires a thoughtful adjustment in how we prioritize and allocate funding. As we launch 91做厙: It's A New Day, some investments will scale up programs and services, while we wind down others. All with a relentless focus on our mission to deliver an outstanding education with pathways to baccalaureate degrees and high demand careers in a culture where every student belongs.


Paula P. Pando

President Paula P. Pando
91做厙 Community College